Why is everyone headed to Europe this summer? (No, really)

2 Months Ago

Join the conversation buzzing around Europe this summer! If you are wondering how is everyone you know travelling to Europe this summer, well, just like you, we have noticed this too! We've also seen a surge in Schengen Visa applications lately, and we decided to delve deeper into the why behind everyone's European getaway plans.

Turns out, Europe is abuzz with an array of captivating events throughout the sunny season! From electrifying music concerts to thrilling sports showdowns and captivating cultural festivals, there's something for everyone under the European sun.

For Music Lovers:

1. Taylor Swift 

Starting May 9th, Taylor Swift is kicking off her Eras Tour across Europe, from the romantic streets of Paris to the enchanting lanes of Vienna.

2. Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is set to serenade fans across Europe, from the charming streets of Copenhagen to the sun-kissed shores of Lisbon.

3. Coldplay

Coldplay has taken their concerts to a different level ever since they started touring last year. They start their Europe tour in Athens in June.

4. AC/DC

The Australian rock band is starting their Europe tour in May in Gelsenkirchen, Germany!

5. Tomorrowland

One of the largest electronic dance music festivals kicks off in July in Belgium.

6. Nicki Minaj 

Nicki Minaj is kicking off her Pink Friday 2 World Tour from Amsterdam in late May

7. Metallica

The American heavy metal band is starting their M72 World Tour in Munich in May and to Madrid in July

8. Ed Sheeran 

World-renowned English singer and songwriter's World Mathematics Tour is starting at Lucca Summer Festival, Italy in June!

9. Olivia Rodrigo 

Rodrigo is commencing her Guts World Tour in Europe in Amsterdam in late May.

10. Doja Cat

American rapper and singer is starting her tour in Europe in Amsterdam in June.

11. J Balvin

J Balvin's musical tour started in Switzerland in April and ends in June in Portugal.

For Sports Enthusiasts:

1. Formula One

Starting May 17th, Formula One races commence officially in Europe. From Italy and Spain to Hungary and Belgium, catch one of the races in Europe. 

2. French Open 

Starting May 20th, the Grand Slam Tennis Tournament has brought people from all over the world to Paris to watch one of the most loved sports.

3. Tour de France

Tour de France is the most famous multiple-stage bicycle race in the world. Starting in Florence, Italy on 29th June and ending in Nice, France on 21st July.

4. The Olympics

This year, the Olympics are being held in Paris! Starting from 26th July, get ready to watch the most exciting game ever. 

5. UEFA Euro 2024

The football championship is going to be held in Germany this year. 24 teams will start competing on 14th June.

6. Le Mans

Le Mans will take place in Le Mans, Paris from 15-16th June. For people who love endurance-focused sports car races, this is a must go!

For Film & Art Connoisseurs:

1. Cannes Film Festival

The International Film Festival will be held in Cannes, France from 14th May 2024 to 25th May 2024. While you have to be invited to attend this event, the days leading up to the festival are super exciting and you might be able to identify accredited professionals of the film industry. 

2. Art Basel

The international art fair is being held in Basel, Switzerland will be held from 13-16th June. A once in a lifetime experience for people who love art.

While your reason to visit Europe may be leisure or even business, you cannot miss out on any of the above events happening in Europe this summer. Get your Schengen Visa by Udaan India to visit Europe this summer!

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