6 Best Spots in Amsterdam to visit this Spring

2 Months Ago

Tulip season is in full bloom!

It is finally time to explore the magical: Amsterdam, from March to May as the tulips burst into bloom.
It is the experience of a lifetime to visit Amsterdam's breathtaking Tulip fields and the iconic canals serving as picturesque backdrops.

Amsterdam is the ideal choice because it combines the enchanting sites of The Netherlands during the beauty of the spring season!

1. Keukenhof Gardens 

Spring is often considered the BEST TIME of year to visit Amsterdam, filled with cool breezes, some rain now and then and radiant sunshine!

Visiting Amsterdam in the spring wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Keukenhof Gardens. These gardens are considered the most beautiful spring gardens in the world. The history of the garden is fascinating and you can learn about it during your tour. Various kinds of flowers including tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, are found in this flower paradise.

2. Van Gogh Museum 

It is no surprise that this Dutch Art Museum is one of the most popular museums in the world. Dedicated to the mesmerizing works of Vincent Van Gogh, you will never get bored here. You get the chance to learn about his art and life and see the largest Van Gogh art collection in the world. It houses 200 paintings, 400 rough drawings and approximately 700 letters by the artist. It is a must-stop when you visit Amsterdam.

3. Anne Frank's House

Over the years, Anne Frank's house has garnered interest from all over the world. It is true a museum with a story. You get to experience her story in wartime through videos, quotes and videos. You get a glimpse of Anne Frank's diary, her room and the secret annexe where her whole family hid. If you are someone who likes to see the authentic experiences of people back in the hand, this museum is a must-visit in Amsterdam. 

4. The Jordaan

This charming neighbourhood is the perfect picture spot in Amsterdam. From narrow alleys, and canals lined with 17th century houses, quirky cafes and small shops that will delight you, this area truly captures the essence of Amsterdam. 

5. Rijksmuseum

What makes Rijksmuseum famous is their collection of masterpieces. Artwork like “The Milkmaid” by Vermeer, Van Gogh’s Self portrait and “Night watch” by Rembrandt. The National Museum shows you 800 years of Dutch History through impressive artwork and more. 

6. Vondelpark

Vondelpark is the most visited green-space in Amsterdam. Relish the experience of cabaret, dance performances, and musical shows during spring and summer. This spot is perfect for tourists who want to relax and chill around greenery away from the city.

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