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A Legacy of Excellence: Crafting Visa Solutions Since 1992.

Udaan India’s Journey

Udaan India has evolved from a partnership to a prominent visa facilitation company with a pan-India presence. We are trailblazers in the visa facilitation industry, setting new benchmarks and always looking for innovative ways to ease the complex visa process for you.


Udaan Travels (previous name) was founded by three college friends. We came together after college to establish a robust visa concierge business, leveraging Rajan Dua's expertise in visa facilitation. The company began its operations on February 2, 1992.


In 1993, Udaan Travels (previous name) expanded to a team of 6-9 from its initial three members. Despite communication challenges due to high STD call rates, we provided door-to-door services in southern India, visiting travel agents and generating work. Meanwhile, our other founder explored opportunities in Bombay and Kolkata. In a time with limited email access, we shared Visa updates through circulars and couriers, prioritizing timely information dissemination. Our commitment to innovation set us apart, delivering updates when others overlooked digital avenues. We ensured efficient and reliable communication channels, demonstrating our pioneering approach in the industry.


With our growth trajectory, Udaan Travels (previous name) renamed itself as Udaan India Private Limited and officially registered as a company. We acquired our own office space and installed telephone lines to facilitate easier client communication, as STD call rates remained high.


Udaan India became a member of TAAI (Travel Agents Association of India), the most recognized travel agent association in the country. Our participation in the annual meet provided an opportunity to connect with travel agents from across India. This helped the company gain confidence and pursue collaborations with larger industry players such as SITA Travels, Cox & Kings, and Thomas Cook.


SITA Travels outsourced their visa facilitation work to Udaan India, establishing a significant partnership.


Udaan India expanded its office space to accommodate the growing number of clients. We began handling visa facilitation for major tour operators like Thomas Cook and Cox & Kings, cementing their position in the industry. The new state-of-the-art office was built to cater to our expanding clientele.


Recognizing the competition and the sale of visa information, Udaan India decided to create a website to provide visa updates and information free of charge. Despite the technological limitations of that time, the company managed to establish transparency and foster stronger relationships with clients. The website aimed to keep the travel fraternity informed about changes in visa requirements for various countries and visa types.


Indian travelers experienced a surge in outbound tourism during this period, with a growing interest in exploring destinations worldwide. Udaan India capitalized on this trend and witnessed increased travel to South East Asia, Europe, Canada, and the US.

2009 - 2010

Rajan Dua assumed full control of the company as the other co-founder departed amicably. The company welcomed Seema Rajan Dua as its director, bolstering its leadership. Seema Rajan Dua played a pivotal role in refining internal communications, expanding the team, and introducing fresh ideas that significantly contributed to Udaan India's phenomenal growth.


Udaan India opened branches across India to cater to major corporate clients who required a nationwide presence. The demand for a visa facilitation firm led to collaborations with prominent companies such as Accenture and HRG Sita. Additionally, we launched a web-based portal with enhanced features, including real-time visa status updates, eliminating human errors.

2013 - 2015

Expanding further into the corporate world, Udaan India signed numerous corporate clients seeking exclusive visa facilitation services. Companies like CapGemini and Egencia appreciated our services and chose Udaan India as their preferred visa vendor.


Recognizing a new market opportunity, Udaan India established a sister brand called Study with Udaan (SWU). SWU specialized in student admission, student visas, and counseling. The brand quickly gained recognition and became a trusted name in the market.


Udaan India solidified its position as a leading MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) group visa agency. We successfully handled visa requirements for major MICE companies.


Udaan India reached a milestone by handling the visas for the largest wedding in Paris, accommodating 1200 people. This showcased our expertise in managing large-scale events and the ability to handle complex visa processes. Despite COVID and limited staff, we excelled, showcasing expertise in large-scale event management and complex visa processes.


Udaan India emerged with renewed vigor, resuming operations after the travel industry's severe COVID-19 impact. Our team flourished, growing to over 120 members. Our credibility in the industry was underscored by the Malaysian government's authorization of Udaan as the E-Visa Processing Centre, reaffirming our reputation and expertise.


Udaan India continued its growth trajectory with a team of over 150 members. We participated in SATTE 2023, a leading travel trade show, allowing us to reconnect with travel agents and leading travel companies. The company expanded its presence by opening new offices in Nagpur and Coimbatore. Additionally, we introduced VAYD Camps, further diversifying our offerings and catering to different travel needs.

Coming out on top

We are very proud of our achievements and our passionate team. Explore our collection of awards in our trophy cabinet

India Travel Awards 2023

Best Visa Concierge: Udaan India

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Versatile Excellence Travel Awards (VETA) 2018

Best Visa Facilitation Company: Udaan India

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TravTalk North India Travel Awards 2017

Best Visa Facilitation Company: Udaan India

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TravTalk North and West India Travel Awards 2016

Best Visa Facilitation Company: Udaan India

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Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI)

The Game Changer 2016 : Udaan India

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TravTalk North India Travel Awards 2015

Best Visa Facilitation Company: Udaan India

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TravTalk North India Travel Awards 2014

Best Visa Facilitation Company: Udaan India

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Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Travel Awards 2013

Best Visa Facilitation Agent: Udaan India

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